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To get started, the first thing you need to do is call (617) 323-1652 and schedule an appointment with one of our interviewers. If you'd like to expedite the paperwork process, you may complete the on-line Customer Profile form. Simply go to "My Profile," click where indicated to "Create a new customer record," and follow the simple instructions from there.

Creature Comforts will not provide service until weíve met with you and your pet.
During our visit, we will get to know you and your pet, and will record various types of information including:

  • Basic account information - Name, Address, etc.
  • Pet information - Breed, age, etc.
  • Feeding and watering schedules
  • Medication information
  • Any medical conditions
  • Location of pet supplies
  • Your vetís name, number & address
  • An emergency contact number
  • Any other special concerns or needs you might have
  • We will also explain all fees, and answer any questions you might have.

    If you are starting an account for daily dog-walking, you may meet the individual who will be caring for your pet.
    Visit the
    Our Staff section for pictures and personal bios of the Creature Comforts Team.

What youíll need to get started:

  • TWO sets of spare keys
    Creature Comforts will retain your security coded keys unless otherwise instructed. We require 2 sets of keys to avoid any interruption in service. Please test all keys. Keys will be returned by mail upon your request. Clients must drop off keys four days prior to date of service.
  • Ample Supplies for your pet
    Please check that you have adequate supplies (food, litter, etc.). You will be charged $10 if a shopping trip is required, in which case we cannot guarantee that your pet will receive its normal brand of supplies.
  • A Notepad and Pen
    Please leave a dedicated notepad and pen in a visible place so that we can leave you a note about our visit.

If You will be traveling:

  • Please inform us of when you will be leaving, a destination phone number, as well as when you expect to return. This information should be left both on our answering machine, as well as on a note.
  • If your pet requires medication, please leave us clear written instructions about medication including dates and amounts. We may be unable to administer medication if your pet resists. Please leave us alternative instructions, your vetís number, and your destination number.
  • Upon your return, please call us and let us know that you arrived back on schedule and that your pet is safe in your care. We also would appreciate feedback on the care your pet and home received while you were gone.


Refer a Friend and Get 2 Visits Free!
When a friend uses Creature Comforts
-  or comes to work for Creature Comforts -
 as a result of your referral, you get 2 visits free.

Call (617) 323-1652 for  details